’67 Mini Moke Rebuild Continues

Mini Moke Engine Rebuild

Follow along as we rebuild a Mini Moke.

After a few weeks of distractions around the holidays we have still managed to sneak in a little work on the Mini Moke rebuild. We got the engine back from our friends at Reibe’s Machine shop in Grass Valley. Jemal has worked with these guys going back to his years building MiniMania’s custom engines.

He’s assembled the shortblock up in the garage, but tonight we are down in the basement where the four snycro remote gearbox the we brought back from Wales a few years ago is strewn all over one work bench. This gearbox came out of a Cooper S that his sister owned in the 80’s. It’s being modified to accept the magic wand case and linkage to retain the Moke’s originality, yet still have a serious gearbox under the big 1345cc engine.

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