JKat, Founder and Mini Expert

Pic of Jemal, Pic of Jkat, pic of j-kat and Roxy, Mini Moke

Roxy helping me get our visiting Mini Moke indoors with the first rain of the season approaching.

I have been dragged into the Blogosphere by my lovely and persistent very internet savvy girlfriend/assistant, who assures me others will find what I’ve been up to interesting.  True, I built all Mini Mania’s Engines for a seven-year span, and my Mini history goes back to when I was three (yes, years old!). If some of you that got to know me from MM find your way here, welcome! Why not share some of my knowledge AND opinions(!) about our frivolous pursuits with these little cars. We’ll try to show some of the interesting or challenging steps as we rebuild, upgrade, customize, and like our site caption says resurrect a historic little car, my 1966 California Mini Cooper S.

Enough bla-bla for now? I’m told I need to stick to the subject and bang it out if I’m to keep anyone’s interest. Something about a 30 to 90 second window to hold someone’s attention… I’m going to have problems!!