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Cooper Road Mini Update

Very overdue for an update here! Yes I’ve been very busy with our delightful now 18 month old Son Xavy Cooper! Getting a good start as a young ‘car guy’, he loves our Rotary Pick-up and points and says “TRUCK” whenever he sees it, AND he points to the hibernating 66 Cooper S in the garage and says “MINI”, so we’re off to a very good start!

Engine out without disconnecting the Brake Servo?

These days CooperRoadMini is in a bit of a holding pattern as my lovely assistant is due to give birth to our son, literally at any moment now!   Little Xaven (or Xayven?,  Xayvyn?, Xavyn?….still working on it!)  is due day after tomorrow as I write this.  Perhaps to help in that regard,  we are tempting fate by taking a picnic and the 4-wheel drive up to a nearly 8000 foot peak about an hour away. Yes we live in a wonderful place!  We’ll escape early August 90s for spectacular views of several lakes and balmy 70s,  and see if the terrain might help expedite Xavy Cooper’s arrival!  OK, you can have some fun with our choice of middle name, but someday, he may inherit this mess!

Weber DCOE a Tight Fit in a Classic Mini

While we don’t have a current guest project in the works at Cooper Road Mini, the question of fitting a Weber side-draft onto the standard engine configuration often comes up. I took this video when I was reassembling our friend Mike’s 67 Mark 1 to show how these end up being a bit of a […]