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As part of my day job, I moderate and answer questions on the Mini Mania Forum.  As part of minimania.com, the forum hosts an international and diverse group of Mini Cooper owners and enthusiasts.  Sometimes people ask things in funny ways…. perhaps something is lost in translation, perhaps they didn’t read the words they wrote, […]

Project Wrap-up, Start-up, and Test Drive

In between spring rain and snow, I had a chance to do a couple of quick test drives after getting our fabulous Mark 1 Mini  all back together.  This car really shows how quality components AND superb workmanship and attention to detail add up to a car that is a pleasure to work on as well […]

Getting the car ready and the engine back in

Here are a series of short clips showing some of the details of the engine compartment, the types of things you can address while the engine is out.   Now is the time to deal with items like the inner CV joints, motor mounts, shift linkage, making any repairs to the brake lines, steering, radiator shrouds, […]