CooperRoadMini’s MAZDA??

A happy Mini owner usually has another vehicle or six in or around the garage. Our 66 Cooper S Resto-mod is more proof-of-concept than practical transportation, so our collection of Classic Survivors together add up to meet my needs for getting around our local area. Half a dozen relics that are only good for certain conditions. As up to half of these are not close to “usable” at any given time, The ones we rely on require attention from time to time. For me, that usually means UPGRADES!   Our 1974 Mazda Rotary Engine Pick-up is one such survivor and it has a heater! …And an interior that can be closed off to rain and cold, and we want our cool truck running again.  It’s been on the back-burner and the pile of  “I’ll get to that when the truck is fixed…” has grown.

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