Mini Moke’s Monster Engine Going Together

After Letterman, lets see what’s going on in the garage. Late night fun and games, putting the final piston in.

Well, I wasn’t watching Letterman. Here I’m getting last of the piston assemblies into the engine block. These are the Russel Pistons from Australia. I really like the design of these… A modern three ring piston that is available in a bigger oversize without having to bore the block to 1380. This leaves a lot more room for reliability, specially when using pre A+ blocks.

Ah, yes, my Grandad’s hammer. I’ve had this thing for 40 years and have used it to put countless pistons in engines.  It’s perfect for the ratcheting style ring compressors like I’m using here, and the perfect weight to gently tap in the piston with the wood handle. Or maybe I’m just sentimental!   Anyway, my lovely assistant ran out of memory just before the final tap, so here is a brief re-enactment…

And we flipped the engine on the stand and pulled the rod down the bore. It’s different being under time pressure because her iPhone has too much junk on it!

Then finally after she deleted more old stuff, I put the cap on the connecting rod and make sure all the animals are in. Turn off the music, it’s 1:46AM!

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  1. Jim Coppage
    Jim Coppage says:

    Basic engine building is so important because we all have cars so we need how they work. People in general don’t know the basic’s about this and cannot understand the detail of enternal engine needs like oil and maintence. Until its too late that is why I am starting a school called Automotive Pre School.

  2. Jim Coppage
    Jim Coppage says:

    Automotive Pre School I am developing is a shool for anyone intrested becoming a car person or tried of getting the bottom end of the stick from a shop. I will teach them the shop talk so there will be no lieing and or cheating to the customer. We go from need for oil to Automotive sensors its in basic form so it will be easy to understand. If the student is young it will give them a reason for math and need for reading. And a better understanding why you have to understand what you have read.
    We live in NWA its going to be just a basic class going from Engineering to Cad and how the engine was developed. And whats going on under the hood and how the wheels turn. Great prep before Automotive Formal education.


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