By special request: Clutch adjustment

We’ve made some progress in many directions with our own 66 Cooper S, AND with our long term Mini MOKE rebuild.

Also some changes to the way the site works courtesy of our lovely assistant, who takes care of all the miscellaneous behind the scenes stuff.  This should help us post regular updates, and hopefully field some specific questions that are of interest to followers…. just start writing in the “LEAVE A REPLY” box and ask me!

An example of that now…. I often help my Mini Mania customers with clutch issues.   I identify between the early diaphragm spring style and the later “VERTO” design, then provide some troubleshooting to get it properly adjusted.

Proper adjustment is CRITICAL for the Mini, as the clutch pedal has a limited amount of travel. This video clip explains how to minimize the pedal travel lost to freeplay… this is where most people get it wrong, too much of the pedal stroke is wasted on freeplay such that the clutch does not fully disengage, resulting in very difficult shifting.  I show how to adjust the mechanical linkage, the travel of the clutch pedal, and demonstrate the short throws of my quick-shift Rod-change.


Here is a short follow-up clip showing the movement of the clutch throw-out arm while I operate the clutch pedal. You can see how little travel is required to disengage the clutch on the pre-Verto style, one of the reasons the early style is still preferred by many owners, but also why it’s so important to get the adjustment right:

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  1. Alwin Vogleson
    Alwin Vogleson says:

    Without Jemal’s expert and indept knowledge, of the mini along with his patience and ability to explain in detail how to resolve whatever problems you are having with your beloved mini , l would have given up in frustration. However , because of Jemal’s help and unbelievable enthusiasm I’ll complete my 67 mini and be motoring by early spring 2015.Thanks Jemal , don’t ever lose your enthusiasm.


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